Attention: Patriots & Bible Believers Concerned About America!

“He will make [us] ruler over all that He has”
if we meet conditions that a 5th grader can understand!

That’s His reward for our interest in understanding
what He wants, rather than wait-and-see assumptions.

His promise to make us “ruler over all that He has”
attracted me because my name is Ruhling and
I wanted to understand how we become ruler.

Once you understand it, you’ll want to tell others.
That's what the King’s servants do in Matthew 22.

The problem is that the wedding parables imply
we don’t understand them. We're like the 10 women
in Matthew 25, asleep with lights out.

In Matthew 22, the King’s invitation is scorned.
Please don't do so as I invite you to consider… 
God Bless America? His Rescue Plan & How We Can Be Ruler Over All That He Has--It's a wedding invitation!

  • A quick easy read averaging 4-5 star reviews.
  • God liberated Israel from Egypt, made a covenant and later said, “I am married to you.” Jeremiah 3:14.
  • The apostle Paul said, “All those things happened for our examples…ends of the world.” 1Corinthians 10:1,11.
  • Israel’s example shows how the wedding parables are not about a rapture, but without better understanding we won’t be ready for the sudden event in the parables!
  • God Bless America? explains the event from parallel passages to show what it is and how we can be ready.

Egypt killed babies, enslaved Israel -- God judged them
The US has aborted 60 million and enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, gambling, greed, sex, perversion, ‘music,’ movies, violence...

Billy Graham is right; Judgment is impending! as increasing violence and terrorist acts show. Understanding God’s plan & how to be ready is the key to higher destiny.


***** Loved It!   Enjoyed this book written by Richard Ruhling which gives fresh Scripture inspiration to dig further with all the reference material that he provides…This book helps to grasp the end-time prophetic interpretation that is unfolding before our eyes. Ending the book with Christ’s wedding parables is great as it brings a fresh look at the meaning…and challenges us to be ready for what is around the corner…Be encouraged and enjoy this end-time book!   C.M. Novak


***** Prophecy Decoded--Fresh, Insightful Research

Ruhling contributes greatly to the hot topic of prophecy for ‘this generation.’ You will be challenged to go to the next level to consider ideas/truths that you most likely have not encountered in the pablum of what the postmodern ‘Christian church’ has become. You won’t want to stop reading.  Shauna Liberty


***** Excellent  I love this book and have nothing negative to say. The explanation also in the Alpha & Omega Bible Code was also an excellent experience for me. I rated it with five stars because I believe everyone should read it. 
Pastor Michele Rivera


***** A Must Read  This little book can be read within an hour. It is very thought-provoking. There is much Scripture to back up the author's thoughts. No question that we are at the end of time and need to share this with anyone who will listen. I appreciate all the "links" included for further investigation. R Weeks


I am so sure that you will value the information you discover in God Bless America? that I Guarantee Your Satisfaction or get a refund, everything to gain; nothing to lose, and you can keep the bonus--


  • Bonus: Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor!  100 topics from allergies and arthritis to vaccinations and vomiting with a page or two on each topic with natural remedies.

 ***For less than the cost of dinner, you get food for thought that can impact your destiny!


PS: This is so important to Christ that He is giving us the two greatest incentives--the highest possible reward—“Ruler over all that He has” but we will be “beaten with stripes”
if we shrug this off and don’t know how He will knock
or how we “open to Him immediately,” Luke 12:36-48.


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